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(111) Jason P

Happy Birthday my friend. Miss you a lot Dave. Wishing you peace. My best to your family as well.

(110) Connie Holder

I miss you so much...words can not describe

(109) Sam

Thinking about David, his family and friends today. :(

(108) Brittany Warner

Well, it's already been a year and I can still see you running towards me with a huge smile on your face when our song played at work.

David, I miss you now more than ever. I have hit a bit of a bump in the road and I know that you would definitely be the one to advise me on what I should do. You were always there for me when I needed support and counsel. Please send me some sort of sign so that I know everything will be okay.

With endless love,


(107) Louise Rosati Gatto

I am so so sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. You and Carolyn are in my prayers.
God Bless You and may he give your strength.
Louise & Nick Rosati
(Gary Gatto's daughter & Grandson)

(106) Richard Fortier

Happy 25th Birthday to you, Dave Italino! Best Wishes! I am sure you are enjoying in up there! It's my birthday too! I know that you always be around during my birthday in Crews and Tangos! I miss you! :-) HUGS!

(105) M

Dave, you were awesome. Rest in Peace.

(104) Emmanuel Ochoa

I miss you everyday Dave. You were one of the best.

(103) Sarah Ali

Dear Dave,
I remember going clubbing with you, those were the best time. I remember being so jealous of you because everyone liked you so much, and you were getting hit on more than me, but you were so wonderful it was hard for me to really be jealous of you and it was so understandable why everyone loved you so much. I can never forget the times we had at cruise and tango, some of the best times of my life. You will always be missed,
loads of love,

(102) Catalina Cuervo

It has taken a very long time for me to write on here, I guess I kept trying to find the perfect thing to say, the best joke or the best memory Dave gave me but the truth is that's impossible for me to do because every memory I have of him is the perfect one. There was not one time I hung out with him when we didn't have a good time. I knew Dave since we were in high school and ever since I've had love & respect for him. He became a very big part of my life. I know I've said it many times before but to the Italiano family, Jack & our friends, I am deeply sorry for your loss, he'll always be missed & he'll always be loved. I choose to smile as much as possible although it's very hard at times, because the one thing Dave taught me was to enjoy life from the simplest to the grandest things in life.

(101) Karen Bayko

It is with great sadness that I just found out about David's death. He was in my core class in grade 8 - I spent from our first encounter when he was in grade 6 telling him I would have him in grade 8 - and I did. I know I didn't make it easy for him that year - but I wanted to push him to achieve all that I knew he was capable of, and it seems that he did very well in his short life. What a loving family David was blessed with, surrounded by great support. I've never forgotten David - or as I used to call him, Italiano. My condelensces to the entire family and all his friends - a great loss.

(100) Adam Craik

I met Dave through Jordie while I was working at Urban Garden. He was such a great guy to have around that summer working through the heat, twelve floors up on that rooftop. He was always positive, never complaining and always smiling and in a good mood. I know Jordie loved having his little brother around the shop. When I heard of his passing I couldn't believe it. Especially at a such a young age, a whole life ahead of him. To the Italiano family I send my deepest condolences. David will most certainly be missed but his memory will forever stay with us. And that is a great gift he left to us all.
Adam Craik

(99) Timmah Bennett


You were just such a wonderful and positive influence on so many peoples lives. I dared not go to the funeral as my last memory of you was so absolutely perfect. Sitting in the rain, talking about troubles and things that made us both happy. I made you smile, that smile you get that explodes across your face, you tried to stop yourself, but that grin always won. I am thankful that my last memory of you was so calming and joyous.

May you rest in peace and look down on us all with that same grin.

- Timmah

(98) Ash Verbaas

I had the privilege of meeting Dave a couple years ago through a friend.....out of everyone he was very kind to me and probably the most welcoming out of anybody i have ever met. I remember my first experience with wine was at dave's house when he held a wine and cheese party. It was a very fun night and has been a memory shared with many friends many times. He was always smiling and making jokes or quoting some tv show. I could always tell when he took a friends phone while at the gas station and text me pretending to be the owner of the phone. They were always crazy words or some silly song that when you read them they would make you burst out in laughter or raise your eyebrows out of pure confusion. I remember another time when we went out to watch the Ufc fight night one time in scarborough a friend lost his iphone in the bar, he stood outside freaking out very angry he lost his phone when Dave came out of the bar with a bounce in his step and said hey guys i found an iphone though he knew who it belonged to it was hilarious. But that was Dave always fun always loving and always just his quirky little self nothing but true to himself. Not many people have those qualities these days but he did. I send my condolences to his family for no one can understand the loss you all have suffered but I know he is watching over you guys with nothing but love. Rip Dave.

Our deepest sympathy,
The Verbaas Family

(97) Moheb

I had the pleasure of befriending David during middle school and was a regular classmate in high school. He was absolutely and genuinely one of the kindest people I have met in my lifetime. He was always cheerful and positive and cracking up quotes from The Simpsons during class.

It is sad to see such a blessed soul leave our lives. My condolences and best wishes are to his family.

You will be missed David,

(96) Alaina Gutoski

After Davey's memorial, amidst my sadness, I felt an overwhelming sense of life...Davey's life has proven to me once again that the only reason to live is to love; to touch others and make a difference in another's life, if only with a smile, which I think all who knew Davey will agree, can make such an impact on someone's life.
The last conversation I had with Davey was sparked by the book he was reading, The Tao of Pooh I believe. Davey had naturally blossomed and connected into the Truths of life that we all have within us, and so effortlessly, and so young. I now understand that he lived these truths with his simple kindness, smiles, and sage advice to love life, do what you want, and be happy.
Let us live Davey's legacy with pride and conviction to be happy and pass that on to others. It is so clear that what is remembered of us is not our petty problems we have between people, but how we have touched and truly connected to the humanness in others, if even a smile to the person passing by on the street. I thank Davey so deeply for these profound reminders. Let us all fuse ourselves with the love of Life that Davey still shares with us all.

(95) Marv McCabe

Nunzio and Carolyn:
We were so saddened to hear of your loss.
Nunzio and I worked together many years ago.
Barb and I were delighted and fortunate to have been invited to your wedding.
Know we are thinking of you.

Marv and Barb McCabe

(94) Adrian Chalifoux

Not a lot of people have the opportunity to make such an impact on others lives, Dave on the other hand did. He was such an amazing person with a heart of gold, an infectious smile, and gave the BEST hugs. He touched my life in a way that forced me to always look on the brighter side of life, and never take anything for granted. He will truely be missed by not only myself but everyone that had the privilege to know him. My heart is with everyone.


(93) Gary and Frances Campbell

We were so very saddened to learn of Davey's tragic and sudden passing. Nunzio, Carolyn, Jordy and Robbie - you can all be proud of the wonderful human being he was and of the legacy he leaves behind. As you make your way through this immeasurable pain and sorrow, know that our love, thoughts and prayers are will you all and the entire Italiano Family.

(92) Sarah

David, I'm going to miss that great grin and sense of humor. You'll live on forever in my thoughts. Whenever there's a bad joke, I know you won't be far behind.

(91) Paul Castrodale

I was so touched by the number of people who came out to remember Davey today, and it's a testament to the way he had with people. He was a very special person, and you don't often run into people who can connect with you in the way that Davey seemed innately able to do. Although Dave and I didn't see each other much the past few years, he was always on my radar and always with me as a friend I knew I could connect with right away like old times. I will cherish those surprise meetings we had over the past couple months, where it seemed like no time had passed and we jumped right back together. I will never forget Davey. He's with us in our spirits. I'll see you again buddy.

(90) Jehan Watson

I did not have the privilege of knowing David personally, but I am a friend of Rob's. I recently lost a dear cousin of mine coincidentally also named David and also in a tragic accident. I found this quote by Abraham Lincoln to be of some comfort, and I hope it might be to David's family and friends also. After attending the funeral and hearing what an amazing and full life David lived in the short time he was here, I couldn't help but think of it.

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

(89) John and Margie Castiglione

Caroline and Nunzio,

It has been many years since we’ve seen you all, but that doesn’t diminish the sadness with which we heard of your appalling loss. David sounds like such a wonderful young man. We can’t imagine how you and your extended family will cope with this, but if ever there was a family who can, it is you. We hope it helps to know that old friends are holding you in their thoughts.

(88) Sue Porter

I had the honor of meeting Dave through
my daughter Blaire. He also did a placement with the special needs students at the school I worked at (following in Robert's footsteps). The things I'll remember most about Dave is his indomitable spirit, his gentle soul, that smile and his amazing hugs. Once you knew him you could not help but love him. My heart and thoughts are with his family and friends.

(87) Sarah Munsch

I only met Dave once or twice at Greenpeace meetings. I barely knew him at all but he left a very strong impression on me as I could sense right from the start that he was a very good human being. He was one of those people that have a ray of light around him and that give you tremendous energy just from being in his presence. I am sorry that I had so little time with him and I wish I'd gotten to know him better. I'm very sorry for your loss but please know that he will be remembered.